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EP 18: Friendship with God -- A Conversation with Jamie Moore

Our guest this week has become an evangelist for a cause I think every believer needs to consider: Friendship with God.

In fact, it’s so close to his hear that he wrote a book by that title. I gabbed the book after I heard him speak and I finished it in a week. Then, I said, I need to get this guy on the podcast. My listeners need to hear his message.

In the book, writes about how to experience freedom from paralyzing fear, now to live securely in God’s love, how to walk in peace and be present with those around you, and something we dove into more—how to stay relationally connected to God as you read the Bible. We’re all guilty of reading the Bible as a textbook sometimes. But God is in the Bible.

Jamie Moore loves the theology and ministry of AW Tozer. He has a passion to help others grow in deep friendship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He’s also a pastor with a black belt!  I first heard Jamie preach at his church in Cincinnati. Thank you, Stan and Pam Lincoln, for connecting me with Jamie. We had a great conversation. 


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The past two weeks, we had a great conversation with Dave and Jan Dravecky. They shared their difficult cancer journey and how God met them in an amazing way. These two episodes are powerful for someone going through cancer. Also, if you are wondering how you can minister to someone with cancer, listen to part 1 of that interview, two weeks ago. One of our listeners wrote to me after she heard it and said, “I loved Dave's "Be there" section. There are times I just don't know what to say to people, but that's great to hear that you just have to be there and let the person vent or just talk with them about other things that are on their hearts.”

So check out the past two episodes.

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But wait—let’s back up and think about friendship. I’ll ask you a question, and shout out the first thought that comes to mind.

Here’s the question: Who was your best friend growing up?

Why is that? Why did that person come right to mind? For a number of reasons I’m sure. I bet you’re smiling as you replay some of the times you had together. I should have a contest for the best friendship story.


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