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EP 21: Courage to be Vulnerable with God: A Conversation with Sandi Brown

There’s no doubt about it, our world seems dominated by fear. The war in the Ukraine has us on edge, wondering where this is leading. We see the destruction of entire cities and devastation of human lives. And our hearts go out to those people on the other side of the world.

We thought that when this year began, we might put fear behind us. Covid was on a downturn and life seemed to be coming back to normal. But other things crept in to test us:

Should we fear getting the vaccine?

Should we fear not getting the vaccine?

Gas prices have skyrocketed.

Inflation is soaring.

Mortgage rates are going up.

The supply line is messed up. We can’t get things

The world scene is getting more and more tense. Not just the current war, but the crackdown by other major powers on religious freedom, blocking the internet and cybercrime.

The news shows and channels don’t help us. They feed on fear, so they bring the most graphic images and scenarios to our living rooms and devices.

So the timing is right for our theme this month at FRESH FAITH 24/7. And that theme is COURAGE.

Our guest on this week’s show, Sandi Brown, is an example of courage, and how her courage transformed her relationship with God.

I always thought she was courageous. She’s a leader in her community, in her profession and is recognized nationally as someone who makes things happen. She took a small organization and has built it into a thriving, life-changing ministry. She’ll be the first one to tell you it was God who has done this, because she’s humble.

But while Sandi was courageous on the outside, there was something missing in her relationship with God. And she didn’t figure it out until a couple years ago. Then she went on the most courageous journey she has ever been on. You’ll hear all about it in my interview with her. Sandi Brown has been in the same field I’ve been in, for many years—Christian radio. That’s how we’ve gotten to know each other. But we hadn’t really crossed paths for a few years—until this interview.

She is also the co-author of the book, Healing Out Loud: How to Embrace God's Love When You Don't Like Yourself


NOTE: Knowing Christ is the secret to life. Life with a capital L. I firmly believe that. Whatever you’re dealing with--

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Worry
  • Loneliness
  • Hopelessness
  • Discouragement
  • Lack of Purpose
  • Failure
  • Digital addiction
  • Burn-out

Lean into Jesus and get to know him more deeply.  He’s there for you. My mission in life is to help a million believers know the Christ of the cross. That’s why I spend time each week writing my FRESH BREAD for FRESH FAITH devotionals. I send them out three times a week, pointing readers to Jesus as they start the day.

You’ll get them in your inbox early in the morning. Take 60 seconds and read through it as a springboard to start your day centered on Christ. It’s not a replacement for your quiet time. But it is a way to center on Christ and deal with those things that are robbing you of Life. Sign up for FRESH BREAD for FRESH FAITH .



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