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How to Have a Retreat with God: A Conversation with Steve Harling - EP 22

One of the biggest bouts with distractions happens when we spend one on one time with God. Maybe this episode will help you with that. Imagine spending a whole day with God—talk about distractions! Our guest will give us some pointers.

Here’s a resource I have found to be real helpful in my time with the Lord. It’s called Face to Face with Kenneth Boa. A friend gave everyone at her husband’s memorial service this book. He really loved it. And I found I loved it, too. Excellent Scripture-centered daily devotional. But it’s different than most.

  • Short segments
  • Scripture passage
  • One simple suggestion at the end


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Knowing Christ is the secret to life. Life with a capital L. I firmly believe that. Whatever you’re dealing with,

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Worry
  • Loneliness
  • Hopelessness
  • Discouragement
  • Lack of Purpose
  • Failure
  • Digital addiction
  • Burn-out

... lean into Jesus and get to know him more deeply. He’s there for you. My mission in life is to help a million believers know the Christ of the cross. That’s why I spend time each week writing my FRESH BREAD for FRESH FAITH devotionals. I send them out three times a week, pointing readers to Jesus as they start the day.

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One of the richest spiritual experiences I enjoy is taking a day away with God. I’ve heard others say the same thing.

There’s something special that happens when I have unrushed, often unstructured, time with God. I push away my regular activities and responsibilities to be with Jesus. It’s that simple. Yet, profound at the same time.

While I experience tremendous benefits from my day away with God, it’s not really about me. The day with Him is a time of fellowship and communion at a level that can’t happen any other way. My day away with God is really about Him. And I receive so many benefits.

Our guest today is a brother in Christ who got me started in this habit. It has absolutely changed my life.

This is the first guest who has joined me from Starbuck’s, but these days you can do a podcast from anywhere.

OUR GUEST: When our guest and I met, we discovered that he had pastored a church in the town I grew up in, many years after I had left. Steve Harling is a former pastor who has a passion for missions. He has served on international missions boards, such as with SIM. And he served as President of Reach Beyond.

Steve grew up as an MK, or missionary kid. Throughout his career as a pastor, he always led his church in making the Great Commission a priority, especially taking Christ to unreached people groups. But, despite all the doing, he has learned how to cultivate his relationship with Christ. He’s going to help us to that, too. I think you’ll be fascinated.


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