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Fueled by God's Love -- A Conversation with Steve Hodgson - EP 27

Now I can say I've done a show with Covid. Quarantined in a hotel room on an island, I borrowed a professional microphone, had access to Zoom, and way we went. More details inside.

This week, meet Steve Hodgson, a man who has experienced a major shift in his relationship with Christ in the past two years. I’ve known our guest for over a decade, developing a deep friendship during that time. We’ve served side-by-side in missions, have been part of a really powerful men’s group, have laughed together, shared together, broken bread together. I think we’ve even cried together.

He has lived a life of significance in building the body of Christ-- as a pastor, church planter, Christian education leader and ministry leader. His passion for reaching the lost has always made me marvel. And the way he values people is an example to all of us.

But, as he’ll share, there was something missing until recently. Steve Hodgson and his wife, Laurie, live in Florida, just down south from my wife and I in North Carolina. But in this interview we’re thousands of miles apart.

Wait it Out

That's what God has been teaching me the last few days in my Covid time-out. 

As I record this episode, I am still in quarantine. It lasts for another three days. Don’t feel sorry for me, though. The symptoms are manageable, I have a delivery service app for groceries and meals. And there is a refrigerator in my room. Being on a resort island is, in itself, part of the humor, because I can’t go anywhere. 

Seriously, I am grateful this wasn’t worse than it could have been. My case is mild compared to many who have suffered or even died. I’m starting to turn the corner.

No wake-up alarm the past three days. 

It’s amazing how that has changed my pace in the morning. I feel more relaxed. There’s a freedom. My adrenaline is not pumping. My blood pressure is probably down. Simply by the way I am entering the day.

I’ve learned that I can’t rush Covid. I have to wait it out. I’m wasting my energy trying to speed it up and get it out of my system. God will use this in my life. Don’t resist it. Rest. Spend more time with the Lord. God has given me a break from life to relax and enjoy him. Rather than seeing this virus as a curse, see it as a blessing. I’m not morbid, just saying that God’s purposes are greater than mine.

What is God asking you to wait out? Are you fighting against this verse, “A man’s mind plans his ways, but the Lord directs his steps?”

I've got more to say about that in this episode. I hope it will help you in your faith journey. 



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