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Your Pathway to Freedom in Your Relationship with Christ -- EP28

Freedom is our topic this week.

What are the pain points that stop you from having freedom in your relationship with Jesus? Stress, fatigue, hurry, loneliness, lack of purpose, health issues, private sins, burnout and weak faith hinder our pathway to freedom. As believers, it's not supposed to be that way, but it often is. These things affect and enslave us, preventing us from experiencing freedom in Christ.

But there's a solution.

Jon Fugler fields the questions from best-selling Christian author and podcaster Parker J. Cole, as he was a guest on her show. You'll find out how to overcome the obstacles to living in freedom in Christ.

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P.S. A note from Jon:

Watch out what you pray for. You might get it, but not the way you think. If you receive my Fresh Bread devotional emails, you might remember that I asked you for prayer. Here’s what I wrote:

Lately, life has been a blur. I’ve been busy

Too busy.

So pray for me to get back into that rhythm of knowing Jesus.

It’s the best place to be.

Thanks so much!

Well, little did I know God would give me a time out. When I sent that email, I was coming down with Covid. And, if you’ve been following my story, I was stranded on an island. Talk about slowing down. I was quarantined to my hotel room with God, and we had some good conversations.

I’ll tell you, I did slow down and I’m glad I did. So here I am, back home. I hope I’ve learned a lesson I will continue to apply. I know I need to slow down my pace and change my rhythm.


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