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SEASON FINALE: When Forgiveness Seems Impossible -- A Conversation with Erik Reed [EP 29]

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This episode will stun you. My guest has a story that will cause you to gasp. It did for me. If forgiveness is an issue for you, our guest will probably melt your heart. And his family’s story—well, there’s so much we can all learn from it. So get ready.

This episode is the season finale. We’ll be taking the summer off and coming back for season two in September. This is a great time for you to get caught up on past episodes.

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Featured Guest:

Erik Reed, and his wife, Katrina, went through a tough, tough experience in their lives. And as I talked with Erik, he was so open about the struggles and the victories, the lows and the highs. And how God met his family where they were at. Our focus in this interview is on forgiveness. When I think of fresh faith in real life, this is it. Erik will tell you about his background, and we’re going to follow the sequence of events and his work and ministry seasons.

We all know that forgiveness isn’t easy. There’s sacrifice. A price has to be paid. And I don’t think there is a formula for forgiveness, as is evident from Erik and his family’s life. It’s a process. But most importantly, a process where Christ must be at the center. It’s our only hope.



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