Personal Coaching with Jon Fugler

I know how hard it is to overcome anything alone. Victory over performance Christianity is no different. I lived for decades in the prison of performance, but now I'm free. (You can read my story HERE).

I started FRESH FAITH 24/7 to help believers like you. I'm available to coach you through the process of gaining freedom in your walk with Christ.

I've created a ton of content for you. We've got community, too. But you also have one-on-one coaching by me. Members simply make an appointment through a link to my calendar. We meet by Zoom and work through the challenges of your specific journey.

You have unlimited access. All I ask is that you do your assignment before scheduling another coaching session. 

I want to see you live in freedom from the bondage of performance Christianity. I doesn't happen overnight. That's why unlimited personal coaching is a benefit of your membership. 

By the way, all memberships are month-to-month. Cancel at any time.


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