Recommended Resources 

I'm picky about which books and resources I recommend to people. I've personally read or used each one of these. They have drawn me closer to Christ and have helped me on my journey to know him. I pray you'll find them life-changing. 

When you purchase any of these resources, you're supporting the ministry of FRESH FAITH 24/7. Thank you. --Jon Fugler

By far, the book that has most changed my life.

Over the years, I've handed out this book to many people. Skye does an awesome job explaining how we damage our relationship with God by relating to him in unhealthy ways. Then he opens up your world to the healthiest way to relate to him. It's profound, yet simple. You won't be disappointed.


This book is wrecking me.

I'll be reading this one over and over again. The author has taught me what it really means to know Christ. Contemplative prayer is changing my life. The book is written in such a compelling way and not old-school style. Very relatable.